I’m Learning Things Quickly at My New Job

Having never been in the workplace before, I was not sure of what to expect when I landed my first job at 38 years old. I had absolutely no experience, but I was lucky to get the job simply because my husband knew the owner of a fabrication company. The owner said he needed a new office manager immediately, and my husband jumped at the chance to offer my services. My first day was a funny day. The first thing my new boss said to do was to buy some new Rotabroach cutter and have them shipped to our business address immediately. I had no idea where to start, but I was up for the task.

The company deals with steel fabrication. Something I had never been interested in being the female I am who loves mostly things that are feminine, from romance books and movies to fashion. The guys who worked with me were tough and smart like my husband, but I had no idea how they went about their complicated jobs each day. And I certainly didn’t know what type of cutters I was supposed to buy. My boss had only yelled “Replacements!” over his shoulder after he had barked his orders at me, and then walked away.

I began asking the different guys about who I should talk to about the replacements. They were happy to point out to me who could help. Once I learned what we needed, I went ahead and found he company online and ordered exactly what we needed. I wasn’t sure how quickly we needed them, but I assumed that it was an emergency. I certainly needed them at the business quickly to stay out of hot water, and I assumed that the employees who used them needed them quickly as well. When they showed up 24 hours later, my new boss was pleased.