It Was Worth It to Move for My Grandparents

My grandmother and grandfather needed help with a lot of things, and I learned that after I last visited them. Grandpa was having trouble caring for some things around the house, and grandma had been in and out of the hospital. So, when I told them that I was thinking of viewing Toledo apartments and possibly moving there, they were ecstatic. I liked the thought of moving nearby to help them out more often, and they felt the same way.

As soon as I talked to them about the possibility of moving, they both jumped at the fact that the money would be coming out of my pocket and they wanted to help with the moving costs. I make a pretty good salary and I have a lot of money saved, so I told them that was not necessary. I did say, however, that they could pay me back by inviting me over for a home cooked meal sometimes. My grandfather is the start cook in the family. When grandpa cooks, everyone wants a taste. So, he promised he would do that.

I went back home and packed up my place. I put in my notice as soon as I was done. Then, I drove back to Toledo with a lot of my stuff. I put it all in a storage room, and then I stopped by to see my grandparents. After they put a few snacks in me for energy, I headed out to look at the difference complexes that are near their house. I really did not want to be too far away, just in case they needed me quickly. I loved quite a few of the places that I inquired at, and I ended up picking the place that is nearest to them. I will be only two blocks away, and it will be no trouble to stop by when I get a phone call.