New Ideas and Design Experiments

I’ve been using a STAAD manual for training in engineering and it covers some pretty useful things. Just last week I learned how to design a concrete slab, and now I’ve been thinking about different things I could do with a concrete slab. There is a lot of space in my backyard, and I could probably clear some of it away and lay a few slabs of concrete down to build my own barbecue pit. I would love to be able to roast some meat on the put while I watch the football game on the television.

I’ve drawn up some plans for a pit with a CAD program and it looks like nothing that you would normally find in the stores. The pit has a more futuristic flair to it, taking style cues from some of the science fiction movies that I’ve seen over the years. The pit still functions like a normal pit, but it just has a better look. If you’re going to make something from the ground up that will actually work, you might as well put a little style into it and make it look like something that can’t be easily replicated by a manufacturing company.

Building the pit with concrete slabs will cost me a little, but I can save up some money until I have enough to buy the materials needed to build the pit. If my pit turns out the way I intend, I’ll invite all of my friends over for a big party. I’ll even roast a whole pig with an apple in its mouth and make an array of sauces and sides to go along with it. I’ll throw in a few chickens to go along with the pig. I think the pit will do a fine job of roasting vegetables as well.