Our First Apartment Together is Charming

When my fiance showed me Altis Highland Park in Tampa on his computer, I fell in love with it on the spot. I really loved how charming the small community is. The apartment I was living in looked nothing like the complex he showed me, and I was so excited that he wanted us to have our first apartment together there. He told me to look at the floor plans because there were so many different ones. He really didn’t care what we got, as long as we were living there together.

I had so much fun looking at the floor plans. I looked at all of them too, not just the one bedroom units. We both want to have a large family, and we know that some day we will end up having a house that is ours with a lot of property. However, we were not necessarily going to wait to start our family until we got that house. That is why I looked at the two and three bedroom apartments as well. I thought that it might be really nice to just live in one apartment before we end up buying a house in several years.

If we already had two or three bedrooms, we would not need to move when I do become pregnant. I am not one of those women who want to wait ten years to have a baby. If we have one within a year of getting married, I will be happy. We finally settled on a three bedroom apartment, and the bonus is that it has two bathrooms. It also has all of the modern conveniences that either of us could want, like a washer and dryer, kitchen appliances, and even a nice balcony. I cannot wait until we actually move in after our wedding in a few weeks!