Planning an Elk Hunting Trip

I am thinking about taking a hunting trip up to the Rocky Mountains and thinking about the sort of hunting that you do up there. Of course the big thing up there is usually hunting elk and that is not done the way that you hunt deer around here. I have a nice scoped rifle with a Butler Creek scope cover on it, but in reality I might just as often go out with a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with deer slugs and buck shot. That is going to have enough range for the sort of hunting you do here. It is not like you are going to be able to see a deer at long range, because you are going to be in the woods or on the edge of the woods. Usually I find a small clearing in the woods, something like a power line right of way. Then I will put a deer stand up in a tree, It is typical for you to do your shooting at a range that really does not require a scope.

By contrast when you are hunting elk you are generally going to be out in the open. The guide is going to find a good vantage point, a place where you can see everything that moves for a mile or so. It is not like you are going to need a shotgun. You are never going to get half as close as you would need to be to hit them with a deer slug. Of course a deer slug would be more than adequate to drop an elk, but you just are not going to find an elk that is not going to be doing forty miles an hour in another direction before you got close enough to lift up a shotgun.