The Hair Makes the Difference

My sister decided to borrow the my natural hair extensions that I purchased recently without my permission. I hate it when she sneaks into my room and takes things without asking me. She said she would pay me back as soon as she got the money for it, but I couldn’t wait for her to get it. I went to the store to buy some more, but they were sold out, and said they wouldn’t get a new shipment of the hair until next week. I needed the hair for an upcoming interview, and not being able to find it locally meant that I had to order it online and use overnight shipping to get it as fast as possible.

There’s one online store that I use for most of my hair purchases when I can’t find something at the local store. I usually order products with regular shipping and just wait for it to come in the mail, but in this case, I needed the hair quickly so I could go to the salon and have it put in just in time for the interview. Luckily for me, the online store had plenty of the hair in stock, and they were able to ship it to me in time.

With the hair in place, I went to my interview for a job at a software company. The company is more interested in my ability to write code than the appearance of my hair, but it doesn’t hurt to make a good appearance. The interviewers asked me all kinds of question about my background, and even asked me to solve a problem on the spot. They dismissed me and told me that they would call me back if I got the job. A couple of weeks later, I got a call telling me I can start on Monday.