Three Brothers and Three Escorts

My brothers and I like to take a trip every year. Last year we went to New York, and the year before that we went to Colorado for skiing. This year, we decided to go to Las Vegas. One of our uncles, who has been to Las Vegas before, told us that we should get a Latina escort once we get there. Our mother didn’t like the idea, and our father just chuckled. When we asked him why we should get a Latina specifically, he told us that we would see once we did it.

During the flight to Las Vegas, we didn’t think much about what our uncle said, but once we landed, we saw a lot of Latina women and began to remember his words. I called up our uncle and asked him how we would be able to get an escort. He told us about a website that he uses whenever he wants to get an escort, so we went to it and found many escorts. We weren’t sure which one to choose because they all looked great, so each of us selected one for ourselves. This worked out for the best, because neither of us really like to share.

We met up with the escorts and went to a club for some dancing. My brothers have the worst dance moves, but they think they’re the best at dancing. There were so many people in the club moving and they were moving pretty fast, so I don’t think anyone except for the escorts noticed their bad dancing. On the other hand, I’m not the best dancer, but I’m better than my brothers. I wanted to be alone with my escort, so I went back to the hotel with her, while the my brothers continued dancing terribly with theirs.